“Creativity” is the most important quality of an Advertising firm

Advertising is considered an useful tool which helps raising customer awareness, contributes in development of a firm. However, what are the criterion that customers find?

Statistics shows in 2015, $USD 592.43 Billion were spent on advertising all over the world, and in Vietnam-a fully developing market with the population of over 90 millions, in which 40 million people have access to the internet and 30 million people use mobile phones everyday, this proves Vietnam to be a lucrative market from which advertising companies should exploit, in these day technology era.
According to the newest survey in Vietnam, done by a advertising company in 2016, about determining factors that marketers and brand leaders need from an advertising company, with more than 30 representatives such as NIVEA, UBER, RMIT etc.
The results show creativity and logical thinking skills are factors that are appreciated the most when a brand chooses a agency. More detailed, Creativity is considered the first factor (48%) and is appreciated the most when the idea strikes customers’ behaviour and well spread on communication channels.
There is no suprises upon this result as creativity has always been the key to success of advertising, regardless of domestic or international campaign.
Brands deliver advertisements everyday to gain attraction from consumers, but only the creative ones are remembered.
Creativity enlivens the messages about products and services, makes them rememberable for a long time. The more creative and dramatic an advertisement is, the more dynamic the memory of consumers about that advertisement will be. Moreover, creative ads stimulate consumers’ curiosity and interest towards a brand, encourage them to search for information regarding products and services. Furthermore, it influences consumer awareness and helps creating good brand experience.
In summary, creativity is one more time acknowledged as the key for advertisement to succeed.
Golden Bell Award- Unlimited creativity ground.
Wishing to honorunlimited creativity from firms, individuals working in advertising field in particular and the Vietnamese community in general, The Vietnam Creativity Advertisement Prize – Golden Bell contributes in exploring the creativity treasure and stimulatesthe unlimited creativity sourceof Vietnamese. Besides, based onprize winners voted by consumers, advertising firms will understand more on consumers’ needs – which is the main target of advertising.
“Creativity is just connecting things” – Steve Jobs, Apple’s statue, was right, even when he talked about creativity industry. With its own path in Vietnam, Golden Bell Award will enliven this philosophy and become “not only a prize to honor advertisements, but also a prize of connecting creativity”.


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