Advertising “Giants” in Vietnam

With the boom of Internet, agencies have been established and been through many economic cycles. Following are 4 current most prominent agencies in Vietnam.

With the communications developing fast, advertising becomes more important to company image. The more impressive and attractive an advertisement is, the deeper the company products and the company itself go into consumers’ minds. However, only a few know who created creative advertisments or which advertising companies contracted with big companies in Vietnam such as Vinamilk, Pepsi, Nokia etc. 
WPP may be a strange name to Vietnamese, but very familiar to people in the industry. WPP is an Britain advertising and communication corporation, the biggest in the world founded in 1971. According to Forbes’ ranking, this corporation ranks 355th among 2000 biggest companies in the world. In Vietnam, WPP has 7 subsidiaries in advertising industry including: ADK, Bates CHI&Partners, Grey, JWT, Ogilvy & Mater Worldwide, OgilvyAction and Y&R. Besides, this corporation also possesses 16 other subsidiaries in communication industry, brand recognition such as Kantar media, Maxus etc.
WPP Group is the biggest foreign corporation in Vietnam. With 23 offices in HCM city, 6 in Hanoi, WPP is seen to fully cover domestic advertising market. 
Omnicom is the biggest advertising corporation in the US, founded in 1986, providing services includung advertising, marketing, PR etc. This corporation is in Forbes’ list of 400 biggest companies in the US. It also ranked number 1 by Wall Street Journal in average 10 year dividends for stockholders.
Omnicom had been watching the Vietnamese market for a long time, however they only actually stepped into our country from 2009. Unlike WPP, Omnicom was very cautious and they did not seem to pay true attention for Vietnam. Only until 2013, the american advertising firm started to operate strongly, many specialists were sent to Vietnam. Earlier, Omnicom coperated with Campaigne Solutions communication company to officially be present in Vietnam. Later on are 3 big brands from the company including BBDO, TBWA, DDB.
Dentsu is one of the oldest communication corporation in the world. It was founded in 1901 and was the company with the highest revenue in the world in financial year 2012, with USD 23 billion. In Vietnam, Dentsu company specialises in marketing. With the harmonious mix between Japanese and Vietnamese culture, Dentsu always delivers best marketing solutions to customers. Some of its customers: Ajinomoto, Canon, Dai-ichi life, Toyota, Panasonic, Sanyo, Kirin etc. Being a foreign company, Dentsu always tries to understand Vietnamese culture to reach and be the first choice of Vietnamese customers.
Other than WPP, Omnicom, Dentsu, Interpublic is too a large advertising corporation in the world participating to the game. Interpublic is an American corporation with similar age to Dentsu, founded in 1902. However this is a smallest scale brand among the 4 giants in Vietnam. It established 4 subsidiaries including Draftfcb, Initiative, Lowe, UM but only Lowe makes its reputation. This subsidiary is a partner of a serie of big brands like Chivas Regal, Omo, Nescafe, Clear etc.
Investing in advertising and branding is costly but contains high risk because the results received is intangible. Therefore it is reasonable to choose experienced large international firms to reduce the risks. How to produce a good advertisement, attractive, effective, stimulate buying intentions of customers – this is the challenge given to both firms and advertising experts.
To advertiser, any product which satisfies above requirements is considered a success, and it is truly a big reward for their work.
The Vietnam Creativity Award – Golden Bell 2016 organized by VAA is to acknowledge and honor the efforts, contribution from companies, individuals working in advertising in particular and the Vietnamese community in general.
Companies, organizations, individuals with released TVCs can retrieve registration form from websites (pdf or doc) or from newspaper, fill complete information (regulations below) and send directly to organizers or via post, email.

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