Advertising in the Millenuem (Part 1)

Worldwide, the advertising has become an independent industry and widespread, strong development worldwide; became an important tool in production and business activities of enterprises and contributing to the process of production - consumption of economy.

In today's modern life, we are overwhelmed by so many publications, books, newspapers, radio and television programs and electronic information. We are facing two billion Web pages, 18 thousand and 60 thousand magazines new books each year. In response we have developed ways to protect themselves against information overload. We threw brochures and direct marketing mail unopened into the trash, delete unwanted e-mail and do not want to read, or to refuse to hear the phone call solicitation.

Thomas Davenport and John Beck has pointed out in the book The Economics of Attention (The Attention Economy) that the cramming of information is leading to deficiency disorders attention (attention deficit disorder-ADD), the difficulty to attract the attention of others. The lack serious attention that companies have to spend money marketing than for production. Surely this is the meeting of the new perfume brands and new movies. For example, the case of film producer Blair Witch Project (The Blair Witch Project) has spent 350,000 dollars to make this movie and 11 million dollars for marketing it.
The results are the marketers must examine their target customer attention time distribution of them? Marketing people do want to know what is the best way to get the majority of the attention of consumers. They apply the approach used to create attention as actors and famous athletes, media reputable intermediaries to reach the target audience, the horror stories, statements, or questions , the free offerings and myriad other ways.
Even so, the effect is still a question. Creating awareness is one thing, maintaining long-term care is one thing and motivate action is another story. Note that making a person takes the time to focus and something. But it has led to customers buying goods or not, is another matter. For this reason, the capture of public sentiment is extremely important, ask yourself the joy, encouragement, or the stories intriguing and controversial as well as marketing the attention come.
As the fever of "Tam Cam: The Untold Story" in recent days. Not present at the CGV Cinemas chain, "Tam Cam: The Untold Story" makes all surprised to notify the issuer of more than 21.8 billion video that after only three days of screenings.
Outstanding box office performance of the film by Ngo Thanh Van as director and producer result that many people startled, because it had rolled almost bit further $ 1 million mark after just three days in theaters present.
In approximately two weeks, Tam Cam: The Untold Story movie is hot topic on forums and social networks on the evening news program of VTV 19h. The story originated from units issued and CJ CGV BHD Vietnam does not reach an agreement, and consequently the film of Ngo Thanh Van is not present in the largest cinema chain in Vietnam.
Controversy occurred when "Down woman" cried at the press conference in the City premiere. HCM in afternoon 17/8. Then, BHD and CGV continuously launching press releases, made their arguments and pushing the public into an endless argument: affordable CGV has acted pinched Vietnam movie? Or all ultimately just a failed business deal in which the story "upon purchase and sale" did not take place?
Either way, the effect of bringing the story also makes people more curious about Tam Cam: The Untold Story. During the day 22/8, BHD company announced: "After three days of presentations, film revenue is 21,819,880,000 VND, equivalent to viewers across the country is 288 432 times."
Can see the speed of ticket sales Tam Cam: The Untold Story now comparable Furious 7 (2015) - a blockbuster by CGV released and will appear in all of cinema.
And the most impressive thing about the list of the top ad ad quality characterized Vietnam. The majority of the ads in the list of top ads are produced suitable for the purposes of digital advertising, with special formats suitable for YouTube's audience. Eight of the ten shortlisted ads on longer than 30 seconds, in the fact that their average length is three minutes. YouTube enables brand creative freedom, and optional video length to cost only a fraction of the cost of using other media.
The dramatic story and emotion: The reason why Vietnam selected audience see these ads is simple: it's great storytelling. For example, ads Neptune Festival reminded the audience about family values and do not ever forget the love and concern for each other. Another example shown in the strange story which make up about a Good Market sons abandon everything - or at least give up the car of your favorite machine - the human desire to help his daughter he genuinely loves come true. The success of these ads suggest that the Vietnamese brand knows how to get the audience's sympathy through their hearts touched.
Thuy Ngoc

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