Advertising in the Millenuem (Part 2)

Advertising has become an indispensable activity of companies and enterprises to reach consumers and consumers themselves through advertising for the products and services.

"Power of 30 seconds": Most of the ads in the list of top ads are attractive right from the first thirty seconds. They stimulate the curiosity of the audience right from the start, to open the content to make viewers wonder about the next episode and the end of the story.

Fascinating and inspiring: Whether it is love, family and everyday life showed Vietnamese brands understand their customers and the important things in their lives. It may simply be choosing to buy a pot from Market Good, drinking a cup of NESCAFÉ, or cook a meal with Nam Ngu. Good Cho, Nam Ngu NESCAFE are excellent examples of how the brand brought the usefulness and benefits of the product in the ad and bring it to customers in a very subtle way.
Funny and entertaining: The brand of list of top ad knows that one way to gain customer goodwill goal is to help the viewer relax and laugh. Ads in this list focuses on entertaining first, then the purpose of advertising. They use the power of storytelling art or humor, hilarious moments to amuse the audience. YouTube brand resonated can not just focus on sales.
As Tet campaign implementation, campaign Vinacafé "The Word Love" Youtube has been recognized as the "Content Advertising Vietnam's most successful on Youtube Festival 2015" with the highest view of the clip is considered Tet , regularly seen in Youtube Trend Dashboard for items Most viewed, shared Most, Most popular.
Understanding target customer: the truth comes from implicit expensive, where every customer project objectives were found myself in it. As young people age 18-25, in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, they respect family values and always looking for a gift that makes sense for parents on Tet, they really love and respect for parents but felt too ashamed to speak out. Meanwhile, parents always wish their children, such as the young, running back to hug you and say "I love you, Dad, I love you". But when the "kids" as big, injured on dwindling words were lost, as everyone knows about it, afraid to speak out again.
 "Cup of Love" is part of a New Year gift box Vinacafé that young people can easily be used as gifts to parents. On each cup, Vinacafé printed the "confession" of the child. "The confession" grateful love and concern and care of the parents. Since Vinacafé know, the gift that parents want most, is not expensive things, or a commitment to lifelong care parents, they just wanted their children to understand the hearts of the fathers, mothers. "The confession" not heavy, rigid that are expressed in the language of young people (consumer language) like: "Mom do not complain in doing household chores", Three drivers are never dull. , or "three approach, but the need is there. "I love you!" this is another way but easy step sto help young people overcome the initial hesitation when faced with parents, create an atmosphere for them to easily express loving voice.
Soon, phase 2 of the campaign promoting the message "Let Vinacafé help you get not to get embarrassed in talking to my parents love." TVC with the participation of Members Tran, Thai Trinh showed images of the young people had difficulty to express feelings for parents but with boxes and cups Vinacafé gifts of love, everything becomes easier great number of. VND 500,000 gifts boxes at the same time has been extensive coverage on national retail channels. Shared on facebook of 10 celebrities (Tran Thanh, Chi Pu, Li Hai - Minh Ha, Harry Lu, Run My, Isaac 365 ...), loving cup was Vinacafé 1500 on behalf of the children go to take home to parents. In the short term, consumers flocked to hunt gifts Vinacafé box. 500,000 gift boxes quickly sold out immediately in the New Year in 2015, and two of Vinacafé TVC also shortlisted Top View of YouTube for several days in a row with over 5,000,000 views.
PR clip "Speak words of love while you can" end up meaningful projects with real stories, real character. Clip plot are very close and insightful with Vietnam. It is the story of the boy regreting mistakes did upset her parents; about a young mother who has a baby was emotional and loving to the end, but also the pain that his mother had suffered to her birth, she grew; about a 85-year-old old man feel happy and lucky to know how much of his life to be with and care for her. Stories create strong emotion in the online community. Posts on Youtube clip also earned much positive feedback about the meaning, emotion, view-through-rate of more than 80% rate - a figure rarely achieved for a clip longer than 30s’, and just as fast quickly reached the Top Shared on Youtube in 3 consecutive days. Became instant coffee brand community attention and most discussed and the most popular in the 2015 Tet in Vietnam, the Tet campaign top favorite in many mass media.
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