Efforts to reach out to the big sea of “the father of advertising industry Mai An Tiem”

Years and years ago, Vietnamese history witnessed the prince Mai An Tiem advertised his very first watermelons by engraving his name on them and released them into the sea. This seeding strategy of the father of the Vietnamese advertising industry is rather effective, while spontaneous and very “simple like Vietnamese people”.

Labouring in their own town

In Vietnam, the economy after the system of budget subsidies had put Vietnamese brand to sleep until we joined the WTO in 2006 with the landing of multinational brands into the country. After nearly 8 years opening, there has been many companies and corporations in advertising services appearing or establishing in the Vietnamese land.

There are 5 among 6 large communication corporations in the world: WPP, Omnicom, Dentsy, Publicis, Interpublic have come to Vietnam and provide services to amost all large domestic and international companies. With a hundreds billion contract, international corporations usually hold leading parts, building advertising strategy for clients and generate 15-20% profits from contracts. Vietnamese companies are only hired to execute small parts for the whole project.   

The paradox is although standing out from this market, according to a director of a foreign communication advertising corporation, more than 90% of Vietnamese hold important parts in these huge advertising contracts. From building strategies, writing script, organizing and execution. But domestic advertising companies is small scale, cannot compete with the salary and labor systems of large corporations.

Efforts to reach out to the big sea of “Mai An Tiems”

Mai An Tiem, the king’s godson, because of his saying “Gifts are considering, givens are rubbish”, he was sent to exile to a deserted island, but never surrendered fate. Until one day he saw a seed in the sand, he planted and nourished the strange species, invented a new species with sweet, cool taste – Watermelon. From that Mai An Tiem gained back trust from the king and permitted to return to the palace. This tale is somehow sounded like a unfictional story, but it contains high value lesson: only the thinkers, do-ers gain deserved results.

With that lesson in mind, several Vietnamese companies have risen as professional and effective service providers to 360 degree fully intergrated advertising – a thing that even foreign communication companies haven’t been able to perform in Vietnam.

The density of “creativity” in foreign agencies’ service is high – thing that Vietnamese cannot compete due to the lack of expertise, experience and the ability to oversee the branding vision. On the contrast, the deep understanding of domestic culture, coverage to existing domestic service channels, human resource with limits in language and the understanding customers of these foreign agencies is not enough to develop ideas suitable to Vietnamese people. Therefore there are more and more simple advertisements from Vietnamese brands with low level of visual effects, yet increased density of social culture and tradition in the content presented.

Choosing to invest to right tracked services and seeking for creativity strategy talents is may be the path to escape from “hired labouring life” of Vietnamese advertising companies.

The trust and companion of many Vietnamese companies is a big leverage for Vietnamese advertising companies, for instance the partnership of Hoa Sen Group and Tincom Media, Megacom, and New Light in the project of inviting Nick Vujicic to Vietnam, THP Group and Cat Tien Sa Communication Group.

The story of our “predecessor” Mai An Tiem and professional advertising methodologies are a long step to learn and develop of Vietnamese advertising industry. The important thing that we Vietnamese are not short of ambition, creativity and the ability to cover the product promoting market on our homeland.

Same things go on modern life, no few Mai An Tiem are ready to face challenges from life, decide to do differently, fight to the last minute in exchange for meaningful and influencing products.

Established from 2007, the Golden Bell adward – the official annual adward of VAA has made its hard steps, to bring Vietnamese creativity qualities out to the worldmap. Let us with GBA to bring the seeds of out predecessor Mai An Tiem go further, reach out to the big sea, with our Vietnamese will and confidence.

For more information regarding the contest, please visit Goldenbell.com.vn.


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