Vnese advertisements – How to stand on our ground? (Part 2)

It’s time for the law makers to dig deeper into the meaning, professionality and contribution from advertising to the economy and provide realistic regulations.

Vnese advertisements – How to stand on our ground? (Part 1)

80% market shares are held by more than 20 foreign advertising companies. This statistics showed by VAA do not surprise people in the field and rise a question: How to resolve the difficulties and help thousands of domestic companies to stand their ground in their own home?

Vietnamese advertising industry under specialists’ views

Recent years, advertising industry has made big developments, not only more content diversified but also more attractive on appearances to attract consumers.

Efforts to reach out to the big sea of “the father of advertising industry Mai An Tiem”

Years and years ago, Vietnamese history witnessed the prince Mai An Tiem advertised his very first watermelons by engraving his name on them and released them into the sea. This seeding strategy of the father of the Vietnamese advertising industry is rather effective, while spontaneous and very “simple like Vietnamese people”.

Advertising “Giants” in Vietnam

With the boom of Internet, agencies have been established and been through many economic cycles. Following are 4 current most prominent agencies in Vietnam.

“Creativity” is the most important quality of an Advertising firm

Advertising is considered an useful tool which helps raising customer awareness, contributes in development of a firm. However, what are the criterion that customers find?

Advertising in the Millenuem (Part 2)

Advertising has become an indispensable activity of companies and enterprises to reach consumers and consumers themselves through advertising for the products and services.

Advertising in the Millenuem (Part 1)

Worldwide, the advertising has become an independent industry and widespread, strong development worldwide; became an important tool in production and business activities of enterprises and contributing to the process of production - consumption of economy.