Vnese advertisements – How to stand on our ground? (Part 2)

It’s time for the law makers to dig deeper into the meaning, professionality and contribution from advertising to the economy and provide realistic regulations.

In macro level, advertising industry always has limits in regulations, while there are laws and decree, companies in the industry always face difficulties from local regulations. For example HCM city does not allow outdoor advertising and Danang city seperate fees from advertising over and under water. In Hanoi, the procedures to get advertising certificates are sometimes very difficult. Hence the existance of no certificate billboards.

According to the VAA, it’s time for the law makers to dig deeper into the meaning, professionality and contribution from advertising to the economy and provide realistic regulations.
The second problem is the limits from the products and services providers to catch up with the speed of advertising development, this comes from their perception. There is a reality, on the Vnese advertising market, more of the time consumers don’t know what they need to buy.
Sometimes advertising companies meet their clients to discuss their branding strategy, their clients don’t understand anything and misunderstand that the advertising companies are supposed to do that.
The third problem – the most important matter is the limited expertise of domestic advertising companies. There is no official education regarding this profession. Even companies when hiring new employees they have to train all over again thus the development is very slow.
Due to this limits, many companies only accept small parts and mostly execution. “Manu companies call themselves advertisers but they only are executers. The important parts are from research and building, designing logos of brand, no companies offer to do those.”
Is advertising industry in VN not educated truly, not interested enough to reach out to international fellows?
Wishing to acknowledge and honor efforts, contributions of companies, individuals working in advertising fields, VN Creative advertisement award – GBA from VAA is for 5 kinds of main advertising methods in VN: TVC, radio, print ad, online ad and outdoor ad, as well as interesting logo and slogan.
Through products that are examined by the judges consisting of leading specialists in advertising domestically and internationally, GBA acknowledges and honors true creativity of VN advertising, promote VN advertising branding value, as well as exploring the creativity treasure and stimulate the unlimited creativity of Vietnamese.
Besides, based on prize winners voted by consumers, advertising firms will understand more on consumers’ needs – which is the main target of advertising.
With a breakthrough in format and voting method, GBA will start from 09/2016 over the country through communication channels. The contest is where the best advertising products gather. Also, GBA opens a forum for advertisers to learn, share their experience, success and is a chance for them to meet their potential clients, understand their needs deeper.
GBA – VN creativity advertising adward – contributing to professionalize the Vnese advertising industry.

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